(Pat Robinson)

Written for the feature film "Cahoots"

Since before I can remember
It's always been you and me
We always thought that heaven
Was just beyond the next dream

We take what we need ...
And leave the rest behind
Still trying to conquer the world ...
Six inches at a time

We'll always have our friendship
That's our castle made of stone
And I ... oh I ... came back to say hello
Yes I ... oh I ... have nowhere left to go

How many times have we danced to
"Wasted Days and Wasted Nights"?
How many nights have we lived through
inside each other's lives?

Now long past the winter
And through the pouring rain
You know that I'll drink (take) anything
That helps to ease the pain

Hear that train whistle blowing
On it's way to take me home
And I .... oh I ... came by to say hello
Yes I ... oh I ... have no where left to go

You know it's not about tomorrow
No, it's not about yesterday
It has to do
With being in cahoots
It's you and me all the way

I sound more and more like my old man ...
Every time I drink
So we always stick together ... you, me ...
Jesse and Frank ... that's what I think ...

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