Brand New Day

(Steven Busch, Pat Robinson)

Written for the feature film "Dinosaur Island"

You're out on your own
So far from home
Out drifting on the sea

Underneath the stars
Where ever you are
Just one big family

And you survived, late, late last night
Yeah, you made it through the storm

And it's a brand new day
Here on Dinosaur Island
It's a brand new day
And you feel alive

The sun's on your face
Warmth you can taste
It's a brand new day

You know there were times
So late at night
When we had nowhere to go

But we held on
Until the dawn
Kept her "steady as she blows"

And you survived, that thing last night
And you made it through the storm


You should've seen the way we huddled, now
Late last night
Yeah we held each other's hands

But when it came down to (either) run or fight
We found the strength to make a stand, yeah

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