Boys are Strong, Girls are Smart

(Pat Robinson, Dick Holler, Barbara Lomano)

Boys are strong girls are smart
Boys break arms girls break hearts
Girls play hard to get boys fall apart
Girls are smart

Boys taste salty girls taste sweet
Boys wanna slow dance she likes the beat
Boys never compromise girls never sweat
Boys can't remember girls can't forget

Boys are strong boys are strong boys are strong
Girls are smart
Boys are strong boys are strong boys break down
When girls break hearts

Girls surrender boys attack
Why do opposites attract?
Girls all know what's coming next
Girls want romance boys want sex

Boys got somethin' girls won't talk about
Girls got somethin' boys can't live without
Without a doubt

What's a matter with those boys?
All they want is these high classed sports cars
That just drive ninety thousand miles an hour
All we want is somethin' that drives good and
Gets you there honey with air-conditioning
You know what a man eating tiger would
Starve to death in this town se la vie (?)
We make good partners


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