Boyfriend Girlfriend

(Gene Clark, Pat Robinson)

Boyfriend girlfriend
Sharing secrets on the phone
Boyfriend girlfriend
Sometimes you got to be alone

'Cause in an instant any heart can be broken
That's the chance we have to take
Boyfriend girlfriend
We all make the same mistakes

Boyfriend girlfriend
All tangled up in jealousy
True confessions
Got to practice what we preach

'Cause good intentions aren't good enough reasons
To turn the other cheek
Boyfriend girlfriend
Like a game of hide and seek

You're gonna burn
Burning with a fever

Learn it from your Mama
Learn it on the street
Standing room only
Don't expect to get a seat

Don't forget that there are smooth Casanovas
Who want your heart on the line
Boyfriend girlfriend
More than just a state of mind


And all the paper back heroes
Wake their Princess with a kiss
We all have our fantasies
We all reminisce

Don't give in too easy
But don't you resist
Even Samson and Delilah
Couldn't get away with this

Dressing up in fashion
Don't make it easier to take
'Cause there's no getting even
When two hearts are gonna break

Boyfriend girlfriend
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