Blue Hill Avenue

(Pat Robinson)

We've only got so much time
Quality time ... cause too much time kills
We've only got what we do
And what we do ... is what pays the bills

We've got good intentions
Take care of our own ... that's me and you
Don't need no intervention ...
Down here on Blue Hill Avenue

We got it going on down here ...
On Blue Hill Avenue
Blue Hill Avenue

Everyone knows that we've been sweethearts
Since junior high ... here in the South End
And we've always stuck together ...
Stayed together ... through thick and thin
Here in the South End

But things are slowly heating up ...
Getting hot ... a little overdue
We've got to pull things together
Get it together
Here on Blue Hill Avenue

Batman is the kingpin
Of the South End
One too many reasons
All those questions that they're askin'
Down on Blue Hill Avenue
Blue Hill Avenue

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