Blackmail Eyes

(Pat Robinson, Dick Holler)

You say you want a million words of love
In small bills, in a plain brown wrapper
That's what you're after
You swear that lonely kills, and if I don't come around
I'll never see the stuff that I love anymore
You'll be out the door

BRIDGE #1 and #3
Baby, whatcha tryin' to say to me
I don't need this kinda 3rd degree
You're so tough I've had enough

I ain't goin' for your blackmail baby
Won't pay no ransom with my misery
I ain't goin' for no blackmail baby
I won't pay the price of your blackmail eyes

You say you're gonna cut out a little piece of your heart
And send it to me every day 'til I give in
So you'll win again
(And) that the words you're gonna whisper on the telephone
Are gonna make me wish I was never alone
But baby, you got it wrong

I know whatcha tryin' to do to me
I don't need this kinda 3rd degree
You think you're tough, (you) play too rough


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