Pat Robinson

Pat Robinson

Writer, Recording Artist, Producer

Pat started his career at age 15 by writing and singing his own songs. He signed his first recording contract with Four Star Productions with his band Fenwyck. They recorded an album at American Recording Studio with legendary producer Richie Podolor (Three Dog Night, Steppenwolf).

After some personnel changes, Fenwyck changed their name to Back Pocket. They signed a recording contract with Del-Fi Records/Allied Records with established producer Bob Keane (Richie Valens, Sam Cooke, Bobby Fuller Four) and recorded the album “Back Pocket”. Following its release, the band toured the United States and Europe for several years.

Back Pocket then signed with Joyce Records and recorded the album “Buzzard Bait”. The album featured John Beland, Gib Guilbeau, Thad Maxwell, The Flying Burrito Brothers, Swamp Water, Allan Lindgren, Larry McNeely, Pat Maroshek and Larry Murray.

At that time, Pat’s songwriting started gaining recognition by other well-known recording artists, so he focused his attention on writing and producing.

Moon Martin helped bring exposure to Pat’s songs early on with his recordings of “Signal for Help” and “Firing Line”. This was followed by Joe Cocker recording “Civilized Man” and “Don’t Drink the Water”, and Percy Sledge recording “You Got Away with Love” on the album “Blue Night”, which won the Best Contemporary Blues Album of the Year.

Shortly after these recordings, the following artists recorded Pat’s songs:

Laura Branigan -- “No Promise, No Guarantee”

Glen Campbell -- “Ain’t it Just Like Love”

Gus Hardin -- “What We Gonna Do (‘Bout What We Did Last Night)”, which won “Airplay Song of the Year”

Johnny Rivers -- “About Love”, “Joker in the Wind”, “Money”

Gene Clark -- “When Jokers are Wild”

Billy Burnette -- “Ain’t it Just Like Love”, “I Need You Maryanne”, “Reconsider Me”, “Talkin’ Love”

Dwight Twilley -- “Max Dog”, “Only in Your Eyes”

Rocky Burnette -- “Fingerprints”, “Gone, Gone, Gone”, “It’s all in Your Eyes”, “Moonlightin”, “That Woman”, “You Got Away With Love”

Pat signed with Warner Brothers/Curb Records. He recorded and co-produced two albums with seasoned producer Phil Gernhard (The Bellamy Brothers, Dion).

Pat and his long time friends, Michael Georgiades and Dennis Dragon, formed the band The Mystery Brothers and started recording the album “Hard Horse to Ride” at Point Dume Studios in Malibu, California. All of them were busy with other musical projects, so the album wasn’t released until 2001 on Coyote Records.

Pat signed with Columbia/Scotti Brothers and released the singles “An Eye for an Eye” and “Signal for Help” under his own name, which were produced by Craig Leon (Blondie, Ramones). “An Eye for an Eye” charted in the mid 70’s.

Pat teamed up with Byrd’s founder and ace songwriter Gene Clark and began a prolific period of songwriting as the Clark Robinson band. After writing more than 30 songs together, John York joined the band. This led to the formation of CRY (Clark, Robinson, York) as a spin-off group of The Byrds. CRY recorded these songs along with Nicky Hopkins, Rick Danko, Michael Clarke, Billy Darnell and Greg Thomas.

There were differences among the members of The Byrds regarding the use of their name, and Gene thought the best way to avoid any conflicts was to form another group to record and perform with.

CRY maintained a folk/rock style with the use of acoustic guitars and three-part harmonies by Clark, Robinson and York.

The group fragmented after Gene’s untimely death on May 24, 1991, and the material sat dormant until 1998 when Pat and John reformed the band and recorded the album CRY “After the Storm” on Coyote Records.

Pat signed with Capital Records’ Nik Venet and recorded an album as well as co-produced album tracks with Nik for Johnny Burnette’s son, Rocky Burnette. Nik Venet died and the recordings were never released.

Various artists recorded the album “True Voices” on which they sang deceased songwriters’ songs. In addition to Pat, these artists included Ed Black, Gene Clark, Susan Cowsill, Eric Johnson, Juke Logan, Jackie Lomax, Stephen McCarthy, Michael Nold, Carla Olson, P.F. Sloan, John Stewart, Lucinda Williams and Robin Williamson. Pat recorded an incredibly moving version of “To Love Someone” (written by Del Shannon) with only piano and vocals, shortly after Del Shannon’s suicide.

Pat has written songs for and produced various artists such as Inner Voices, Celeste, Brianna Haines and Jennifer Keith.

Pat produced The Benjy Davis Project from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. They’re now touring the United States, occasionally opening for John Mayer.

Andrew Gold, Jimmy Caprio, Jeffrey Foskett, Randell Hirsch, Stephen J. Arti and Pat formed the group Byrds of a Feather to perform locally around Los Angeles. While performing at The Mint and Platinum Live in Studio City, they recorded a 7.1 surround sound DVD.

Pat produced “New Orleans Siren of Soul” Timothea featuring duets with Leon Russell (“You Belong to Me”) and “Blues Hall of Famer”, Walter “Wolfman” Washington (“Maybe Later”) on Jbond Records.

Pat currently writes with Jane Getz, Elise Lebec and Jennifer Miller.

Film Credits

Writing for films, Pat’s credits include:

“Tomboy” -- Featuring “United or Divided”.

“Revenge of the Nerds” (Academy Award for Best Comedy) -- Featuring “The Right Time for Love” (vocal duet with Jill Michaels).

“Blue Hill Avenue” -- Featuring “Slow and Mellow”. Pat also wrote one third of the film’s music score.

“Cahoots” -- Featuring “Cahoots” and “It’s a Great Life”, written and directed by Dirk Benedict, starring Keith Carradine and David Keith.

“The Ranch” -- Featuring “You Belong to Me” (duet with Leon Russell), and “Civilized Man” and “Don’t Drink the Water” (Joe Cocker).

“Abe and Bruno” -- Featuring “Inside Out” as well as Pat’s two daughters, Sage and Katie.

Pat is the music supervisor on the upcoming films “Plausible Deniability” and “Method of Madness”.

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