Back Together Again

(Pat Robinson, Jennifer Miller)

I'd know that look anywhere
He's gone again, I see
Why was he all that mattered
When there was always me?

If it helps, take my soul
You know we're meant to be
For your battered heart to hold
And treasure endlessly

Don't fear this breaking of the heart
I'm here, I'll make it mend
When other love has come and gone
I'll hold on 'til the end
Don't fear this breaking of the heart
I'll catch the pieces then
Be with me, I'll love you
Back together again

All it takes is a little time
'Cause time can ease the pain
Before you walk into the sun
You must clear up the rain

If you're looking for perfection
I know that it's not me
But when I'm in your reflection
I'm more than what you see


I'll be here when he breaks you
Time and time again
Because I'm strong, I'll hold on
Until the very end

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