Backstreet Angel

(Pat Robinson, Jane Getz)

Backstreet angel, nerves of steel
Combat ready, both hands on the wheel
You dream while the midday sun rolls across the sky

Backstreet angel, got that inner glow
But you don't want that side to show
So you keep the volume down and you dim your light
Down ... you keep it down

Backstreet angel
Got no halo ... got no wings
No golden harp ... no silvery beams
Looking for an angel all my life

Backstreet angel
No fluffy white clouds ... no heavenly choir sings
No fluffy white clouds ... no sweet angel dreams
Need an angel by my side

Backstreet angel, your haunting face
Looks like you've had a fall from grace
Checking out the bars and the smoky dives

Now I wonder who clipped your wings?
I'm a sinner but I still believe
We could find a piece of heaven when the moon is high
Heaven when the moon is high ...

You see the light of truth through your window
You see the world through your blue eyes
And there are times when it's so simple
You read between the lines

Backstreet angel
Not too far from your comfort zone
We'll walk the streets where we feel at home
Wanna know who you really are
Let the street lights be our stars

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