As the Blind Lead the Blind

(Timothea Beckerman, Pat Robinson)

We're all cryin' in the night
For our freedom and our rights
We've gone off track, we've lost respect
And we've lost our love for life

Do you feel just what I feel?
And don't you know these vibes are real?

Are you feeling what I'm feeling?
Does your heart cry for peace of mind?
It's a crazy world that we live in
As the blind all lead the blind

You know God gave us all free will
God gave us all free will to choose
This could be our wake-up call
We've got everything to lose


How many mothers care
About their babies today?
How many mothers feel
That they only get in their way?

Why can't we spread some love around
Before they burn us to the ground?
If we're allowed just one more chance
We better not repeat our past


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