A Rose is a Rose

(Pat Robinson, John York)

If a rose is a rose is a rose is a rose
And a girl is a girl is a girl
How can it be, that the one next to me
Is the only rose in the world?

And we know as we grow, like a rose we unfold
As the sea turns the sand into pearls
How can it be, that when you're next to me
You're the only girl in the world?

How long has it been?
No need to pretend no one knows
Long lost friends
Two hearts on the mend and it shows

Look at the lessons we've learned
How many bridges have burned?
All of the faces, all of the names
So many places, so many games


When I look at your face
I still see a trace of the past
We don't have to worry
We're not going to hurry so fast

We've both been growing for years
With more than our share of tears
We can be lovers, we can be friends
The rose uncovers the mighty oak bends
How does it go?

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