Angels on a Runaway Cloud

(Pat Robinson, Brad Coleman)

Don't need no ticket on heaven's track
This one-way train ain't comin' back
You've got locomotive right-of-way
Once you're ridin' on that Santa Fe

Give yourself wings baby
Heavenly things babe

Three angels
Ridin' on a runaway cloud
Three angels
Right above your town
Three halos
Silver lined and southern bound
Three angels
Angels on a runaway cloud

Everybody needs a little time away
To see things a little differently
So get outside that comfort zone
Don't deny yourself the "great unknown"

Give yourself wings baby
Set yourself free babe


At the tunnels end, there is a light
Where angels go, to play at night

Down by the creek is an old oak tree
With grandma's name in memory
She loved to fly and test her wings
We see her now from dream to dream

She said "Give yourself wings baby"
"Heavenly things babe"


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