All Bopped Out

(Pat Robinson)

She got the front end of a Masseratti red sweater
She got the lines of a Manhattan jet setter
Dual pipes satin tights
I never seen nobody move it any better

Bop bop that's my baby
Bop bop 'til you shout
Bop bop thats' my baby
Bop bop 'til I'm all bopped out

Red linin' just to keep up with the local scene
The Betty Boop of the late night magazines
Reload explode
She wants to drive it even if there isn't gasoline

Her eyes will drive you down
'Til your heart is on the ground
If it's tuck and roll romance
That's my baby

She'll hold you with desire
Her engines run on fire
Don't expect no second chance

My eyes are achin' from a down right lack o' sleep
My back is breakin' from a long night in the seat
The weekend it won't end
You gotta find a way to get me back on my feet

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