Ain't No Way

(Pat Robinson, Rich Feldman)

You say you're pullin' out
You say you're havin' doubts
That I could ever make you stay

Too many slammin' doors
And you don't care no more
There's nothin' left for you to say

But wait a minute baby
You know we've had our nights
Got to admit it baby
We can make it right

Ooo you say that I'm dreamin'
Ooo I tell you I'm awake
Ooo nobody's leavin'
'Cause there ain't no way
This heart is gonna break

Don't give me history
Hand me that misery
There's too much of it going' 'round

Forget the old heartaches
Think of all the love we make
This nowhere talk only brings me down

Hold on a minute baby
Forget that long goodbye
I feel that you still want me
I see it in your eyes


Ain't no, ain't no way
I'm never gonna let you get away
Ain't no other way, no, no, no way

CHORUS #2 (twice)
Ain't no way
Ain't no way

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